The Well

Imagine a young lion, alone, prowling throughout the jungle wilderness searching here and there and meanwhile building a ravaging hunger: then falling upon some of its denmates and settling in for a good meal and relaxation, so like, The Well offers a haven for all who come here.

Featured Sites

As the latest Kandyman kreation, ShareOutLoud is a free service that gives people the opportunity to learn music from other people. The lessons and tips that make up the ShareOutLoud archive are all user-contributed. Anyone can post a lesson, and anyone can view a lesson.

Rick Goldwasser has emerged with a new site, featuring his excellent photography of the West and more.

Michael Kosta is a native of Ann Arbor and a former tennis student of Marty Maehr. His career in comedy continues to blossom, having appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno multiples times.

Emeka Amene is a professional model/actor, tennis player, and member of Liberty Athletic Club.

Corinne Alphen - the only Tarot Card Reader that can give you the benefit of unique life-lessons learned from the experiences of being a mother, actress and a model.