The Well

Ribs Cook-Off 2006

Karl "The Technician" Tek usurped the title of Ribs Cook-off Champion from last year's winner Scott S. Steiner. The Technician, known as "The Eggman" in some circles, submitted two types of ribs: Asian and Barbeque. Both types were cooked in a large, ceramic egg. This was the 2nd annual event and was held on July 23, 2006.

The Technician basking in the glory.

Defending champion, Steiner, sizing-up the competition.

The basics.

J.J. working hard.

Kristy and Michael Kosta.

Steiner reminiscing about last year’s win.

Is somebody bringing more ribs?

Dave Atallah, Michael "Big Daddy" Malvitz, and the Kosta's.

Mary Beth and Steve speculating.

Todd Hahn with a nice effort.

Marty with a nice arch.

Scott with a nice arch.

Championship caliber ribs produced by The Eggman.

2006 Ribs Cook-Off contestants: Dr. Rupp, Marty, "The Eggman", Scott Steiner, Todd Hahn, Jim "The Big Hurt" Herter.