The Well

Pig Roast 6.23.06 (Quebec Day)

The pig roast was a big success. We raised some money for the Ann Arbor Shelter and had a lot of fun in the process.

Proper preparation.

The pig arrives at dawn.

The pig in position. No charcoal.

The pig in rotation. With charcoal.

The pig on its way to the carving station. Karl Tek (behind post) anticipating a win in upcoming Ribs Cook-Off.

Janet in the spirit of things.

Emma St. Pierre, badminton champion, flanked by Lichee St. Pierre and Marie Slottow.

St. Bernard, The Magician, and Tim Slottow.

River Rats: Todd Kosta (with Girlfriend Andrea) and Todd Eisner.

Marty feelin' good.

Amy feelin' good.

Jeff feelin' good.

Melissa in the zone. Steiner telling stories about the pig.

Lionel and Melissa.

The day after.

Marty amidst the grills.