The Well

Ribs Cook-Off 2007

Jim "The Big Hurt" Herter took the 2007 Ribs Cook-off title with his proprietary "East Meets West" approach. It truly was the pinnacle moment in a year that brought the Big Hurt many good things. In addition to his on-the-grill training, The Big Hurt hosted the first annual "HerterFest", ran a successful business, won the city tennis tournament, and refurbished a barn. The defending champion, Karl "The Technician" Tek, placed third with his egg. Meanwhile, second place was a tie between Emeke Amene with his special Nigerian Rub and Jeff "The Kandyman" Keen with a fresh mint infused glaze. This event was held on July 28, 2007.

The Big Hurt accepts the trophy from defending champion, The Technician.

Mart displaying a nice arch.

Emeke (very dark), Kandyman (very pale), Big Hurt (champion), The Technician (loser).

Lichee (lee-chay) St. Pierre grabbed the Sides Competition title with a last minute entry.